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Appearances: Spicer & Co. – Analyzing Biden’s Bad Economy

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

On Friday, Andy joined Sean Spicer and Mercedes Schlapp on Newsmax to discuss Biden’s economy and inflation. Andy pointed out why things are becoming more expensive: "All of the cost increases...will reflect increased energy costs, they'll reflect increased labor costs and they'll reflect the scarcity of the items we're trying to buy.” This unfortunately is really a tax on the middle and working class.

Also discussed was the restaurant industry and the lack of workers, to which Andy “The labor force is a mess… the work ethic in America was severely damaged during the pandemic, and it’s been more severely damaged since Biden took over…”

When asked what The Biden administration could do, Andy pointed out two very simple solutions that could be a great start: encourage people to work and increase our country’s energy production.

Click here if the above video does not load (see 05:46).

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