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Appearances: Newsmax’s Cortes & Pellegrino – Inflation is not transitory

Last week Andy joined Steve Cortes on Newsmax to discuss inflation and how current economic problems are becoming very systemic in our economy. Andy pointed out that “if we continue this spending, we are going to have very serious inflation – potentially hyperinflation – and that hurts working class Americans…. it’s a real disaster.” Also discussed was the concept of supply and demand – and how the US saw tremendous pent-up consumer spending demand coming out of the pandemic coupled with reduced supply. However, instead of anticipating this and listening to the many respected economists discussing it, Biden created a recipe for disaster by doubling down on his $1.9 trillion relief bill in March, which ultimately fueled the fire on demand even further. “[Biden] made this inflation inevitable… and now inflation is growing at a much faster pace than wages, which really hurts working- and middle-class Americans” Andy concluded.

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