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Appearances: Mornings with Maria – New York City Needs to Allow Indoor Dining at 50%

This morning, Andy joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the state of the restaurant industry in New York City. When Maria asked Andy his thoughts on a recent New York Post article stating that as many as half of all NYC restaurants and bars may close for good due to the pandemic, Andy said, “You’re risking $10.7 billion in salaries for these employees and there’s $23 billion in sales that the government could tax. This is a huge hit for New York and it’s a huge hit for the employees in New York who depend on these restaurant jobs for their survival, so it’s a very bad situation. The governor and the mayor need to let these restaurants open up with increased capacity.”

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Andy then argued that for restaurants to stay in business for the duration of the pandemic in NYC, they should lift constraints. “We’re at 25% capacity in New York; it should be 50%. [At] 50%, you might be able to make it for another few months,” said Andy. In conclusion, he added that nearly everywhere else in the U.S. is operating at 50% and feels that NYC isn’t open at the same capacity due to politics rather than safety concerns.

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