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Appearances: Mornings with Maria – Capitalist Free-Market Policies Can Lift Everybody

On February, 19, 2019, Andy appeared on Mornings with Maria to discuss the growing political disputes between capitalism and socialism. When asked about President Trump’s speech in Miami and his declaration that ‘America will never be a socialist country,’ Andy noted that it was exciting to see the president and Republicans defending capitalism, free markets, personal liberty, and economic freedom. On the other hand– Andy points out that even Democrats are steering clear of being too closely associated with socialism.

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“Elizabeth Warren’s out there making these huge and hard-to-afford proposals but also says she’s a capitalist. I think Democrats are seeing the danger of being identified with this far-left wing of their party,” said Andy.

Next, Fox contributor Richard Fowler asked how we deal with the extreme income inequality seen in the U.S. from a capitalist perspective to which Andy replied, “How do we deal with income inequality? We’re dealing with it today. The only way you can reduce income inequality is by raising the incomes of people at the bottom of the economic [spectrum]. What you’re seeing today is a blue-collar economic boom… it’s harder to find blue-collar workers than it is to find white-collar workers…Income inequality is, in fact, coming down because of capitalist free-market policies.”

Andy goes on to argue that for the first time in decades we are seeing American’s working-class income rise. “What you really need to go back to is what President Kennedy said… ‘A rising economic tide lifts all boats.’ What he was talking about was this idea that the left has…that wealth is a zero-sum game… that’s just not true. Economic growth, capitalist free-market policies can lift everybody and they, in fact, are lifting everyone today.”

To close out the segment, Andy added, “Two and a half years ago, the biggest problem in our economy was too many unemployed people and not enough good quality jobs. Because of President Trump’s capitalist, free-market policies– the biggest problem now is too many good quality jobs and not enough employees to fill them. That’s the capitalist comeback…we are reducing income inequality, you’ve just got to give it a little time.”

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