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Appearances: Mornings with Maria – Biden's 'Disconnected' Budget

President Biden laid out tax hikes on Monday as part of his $5.8 trillion plan for federal spending in fiscal 2023, which begins October 1.

Biden's proposed $2.5 trillion in tax increases on American individuals and businesses would make it the largest tax hike in history.

Today, Andy joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network to discuss the president's proposal at a time when Americans are already struggling with the administration's far-left agenda, as well as what happens when wage growth does not keep up with inflation.

Middle-class Americans are already shouldering the burden and getting hit at the grocery stores, gas stations, and more. Andy stated, "The president's budget doesn't address the inflation problem ... you need to address inflation by increasing the supply of goods or decreasing the demand for goods and his budgets doesn't attempt to do either of those things."

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