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Appearances: Fox & Friends – The Supply Chain Crunch

This morning Andy joined Steve Doocy on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the supply chain crisis and how the Biden administration is fueling the problem. Coming out of a recession and a pandemic where people have $400 billion more in savings than when the pandemic began and a strong desire to purchase goods — driving demand — and a supply chain hobbled by pandemic fear and economic lockdowns where people couldn’t work — restricting supply — the potential for inflation is obvious. The one thing you don’t want to do in this situation is discourage people from working and replenishing that supply chain, yet the Biden administration is doing just that through their government largesse.

Also discussed was the gigantic reconciliation bill and Andy’s latest op-ed on the topic: “Biden, Dems still eager to transform America into a welfare state.” Steve and Andy chatted through this topic and the tax ramifications this bill will have to all, even the working and middle class.

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