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Appearances: Fox & Friends – President Trump’s Trip to India to Boost Trade Ties is

This morning, Andy joined Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends to discuss President Trump’s trip to India to increase trade ties between the two countries. With the spectacular turn out of nearly 125,000 people at President Trump’s welcome rally, Steve asked what this trip meant for the American and Indian people. “Here we get this incredible, incredible reaction from the largest democracy in the world. I think it really became a significant event when all those people turned out,” said Andy. He went on to note that with India having a population of 1.4 billion people, this boost in trade ties could certainly pose great benefits for both countries.

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Next, the two touched on a snippet of Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg at a democratic debate with Sanders getting called a millionaire socialist. “This guy’s [Sanders] a capitalist when it comes to him personally and a socialist when it comes to everybody else,” pointed Andy.

In closing, when the conversation went back to further discuss the potential trade partnership between America and India, Andy said, “India’s had an economic resurgence… This could be so good for the world, for GDP across the globe- let alone the United States and India. This president is always negotiating for America, he’s always negotiating to try and make things better for the American people.”

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