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Appearances: Fox & Friends – Elizabeth Warren’s Proposed Policies Would Actually Hu

Andy joined Fox & Friends this morning to discuss 2020 Democratic hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent demanding letter seeking support to ‘remake capitalism’ to JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. “The entire letter she wrote to Jamie Dimon was an embarrassment… I hope people actually read it,” said Andy.

When asked if this is actually more about wealth redistribution, Andy agreed but noted that according to the September Census Bureau Income and Poverty report, income equality was down significantly in 2018. “What she [Warren] wants to do would hurt the economy. It would hurt workers. It would increase income inequality. It would do all of the things that she says she’s opposed to,” added Andy.

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Also discussed was Warren’s proposed Accountable Capitalism Act. When asked about the requirement that worker representatives must comprise 40% of the board, Andy argued that the system we have in place is working very well for the country and Warren is simply doing this for political gain. “There’s only one reason- you want the union vote, you want union leaders to support you and you’re trying to look like you actually care about what happens to workers,” explained Andy.

In closing, Andy noted that while it may look like Warren is fighting for the little guys, once we really get into the campaign and her policies, people will see her for the unsophisticated economic candidate she is.

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