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Appearances: Fox & Friends – A Surplus of Job Openings

Andy addresses the surplus of job openings in the hot economy today on Fox & Friends.

“We’re seeing those bottom salaries start to rise, and as the economy improves and those salaries rise, that income inequality they [Democrats] always claim was such a problem is going to decrease because of President Trump’s and the Republican Party’s free market policies. This is a great time for employees,” said Andy. “Businesses now have confidence in the economy, they’re investing and we’re seeing GDP growth in the 3 percent range that the president promised.”

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Andy went on to explain that Democrats are doing everything they can to downplay the success of President Trump’s economic impact ahead of the November midterms. He also pointed out that “the economy is hotter than it’s been maybe in my lifetime. Certainly since the Reagan years and maybe the late Clinton years.”

In closing, Andy added that “on [July] 27th, we’re going to see the GDP first-estimate for Q2. I think it’s going to be a great number and I think that’s the number that will carry us into the November election.”

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