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Appearances: Fox Business Tonight – The Rise of Retail Prices

Yesterday, Andy joined Brian Brenberg on “Fox Business Tonight” to discuss the current rise in retail pricing - from food to gasoline. Andy’s message was clear: “If we continue these policies of incentivizing people not to work, you are going to see prices continue to go up.” They also discussed the state of supply chains and how big retailers are going so far as to charter cargo ships to bring goods in from abroad for the holidays. Andy also pointed out that the high cost to rent those ships will be passed on to the consumer – and that big and small retailers alike will also have to raise prices due to the fact they will have a harder time procuring items. Andy adds, “This is the Biden inflation tax… it hits working and middle class very hard and we are going to see a lot of it in the coming months.” When asked what advice he would give small business owners right now, Andy closed by saying, “Be careful how you vote and who you support because these policies are going to kill small and mid-size businesses...”

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