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Appearances: Fox Business Tonight – Biden continues to create financial issues as inflation soars

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Yesterday Andy joined David Asman on “Fox Business Tonight” to discuss how the country’s highest inflation rate in four decades is outweighing wage increases.

The two agreed on the fact that the Biden administration needs a reality check and Andy pointed out that: “The Fed has to raise interest rates to slow things down and the policies coming out of the White House have to support the fact that we are going to be suffering a little while to get things under control… that’s what Ronald Regan did.”

Also discussed was a chart Andy created showing change in wages vs. change in inflation and how the situation for American consumers continues to deteriorate.

The two discussed how the chart demonstrates that inflation took a turn for the worse then the $1.9 trillion dollar bill was passed in March 2021. Lastly, Andy clarified that while the monetary number on a paycheck may be higher, Americans paychecks are actually worth less due rising prices.

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