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Appearances: Fox Business, Bloomberg Markets – Andy Discusses President Trump’s Tariffs, Negot

Fox Business – The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan

Today on the Intelligence Report with Trish Regan, Andy shared his thoughts on the potential summit with President Trump and Kim Jong Un, noting that the president negotiated as a professional.

“When you’re negotiating, you always have to be willing to walk away from the table. If you can’t walk away from the table, you aren’t negotiating and you’ll get a bad deal,” said Andy. “This president walked away and didn’t give up on his positions and I think we’ll hear very soon that the North Koreans are back at the table and that the summit will go forward… I think he has really created an opportunity for peace.”

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Also discussed was President Trump’s plan to move forward with tariffs and other trade sanctions. “The president… thinks they are a way to get other countries to the negotiating table,” Andy said. “He supports free trade, he just doesn’t support unfair trade which is what we have now.”

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Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power

Andy also joined an episode of Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power to discuss the tariffs placed on steel and aluminum imports from Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Andy explained that this is not an effort to eliminate free trade, but it is an effort to eliminate unfair trade.

Andy pointed out that the president is looking at a long-term policy to stop unfair trade and the agreements over the past 20 to 30 years that have put Americans at a disadvantage internationally. “This president wants to level the playing field,” noted Andy.

Andy also argues that we must keep in mind that this is all part of a negotiating process, explaining that with the bold move of imposing tariffs, other countries will see that the president sticks to what he says.

Lastly, Puzder discussed employment, wage spikes, and incentives for employees. “We have more people working and more job openings and also better jobs than ever before,” said Andy. “We have about as many unemployed people as we have job openings so you should see that pressure on wages… workers are no longer competing with each other for jobs, but rather employers are competing with one another for good workers so wages and benefits will continue to go up.”

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