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Appearances – Fox and Fox Business: Former FBI Director Comey is a disgruntled former employee

Yesterday Andy visited the new Fox & Friends studio, spent about three quarters of an hour with Stuart Varney and closed out the day on Risk and Reward with Liz McDonald. Andy discussed the Trump-Russia investigation and stating simply: “No collusion – No obstruction.”  He went on to discuss how Comey was simply a disgruntled former employee testifying about the boss who fired him.  He explained that a CEO who wanted a subordinate to do something wouldn’t say: “I hope you can see your way clear.”  He’d say: “Do it!”.  With respect to the Mike Flynn investigation, no matter how Comey now claims he felt, the President admittedly did not say “Do it”.  That just didn’t happen.   Andy ended by pointing out that the economy is surging, as he noted in a May 24th Wall Street Journal op-ed, and the press is ignoring it as they focus on baseless allegations about Russia and the Trump campaign or the President’s private conversations with a subordinate.

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