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Appearances: CNBC’s Closing Bell – We’re Not Heading Towards a Recession Any Time

Earlier today, Andy joined CNBC’s Closing Bell to discuss the risks of a recession and the ongoing China trade tensions. When asked about the potential of a recession, Andy argued that the Atlanta Fed Model had the Q2 GDP at 2.2% and while it could be better, that isn’t a recessionary number. “Well see how Q3 comes out but I really don’t see that we’re heading towards a recession any time soon,” added Andy.

Next discussed was Trump’s decision to delay the latest round of tariffs with China. Andy noted that the president likely met with business owners and made a decision to get through the holiday season while consumer confidence and spending is up. “This is not a war we’re going to win in one battle- it’s not a war we’re going to win in a hurry. We need to keep the pressure on the Chinese…I think we’ll come to an agreement, probably next year,” said Andy.

In closing, Andy was asked if he thought Trump needs to get a deal done with China before the election. “I think he [Trump] looks to what will really be the long-term benefit,” he concluded.

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