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Appearances: CNBC’s Closing Bell – Warren’s Wealth Tax Proposal – Tax Polic

Earlier this evening, Andy joined CNBC’s Closing Bell to discuss Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign and her proposed wealth tax. When asked about his recent Washington Post op-ed focused on Warren and his take on her policies, Andy noted, “Enlarging the size of government materially and grossly increasing taxes on not only the wealthy but even middle-class Americans to implement these large government policies would be damaging to our country and damaging to economic growth.”

Next, host Wilfred Frost argued that Warren’s wealth tax policy wouldn’t actually harm the economy but moreso just redistribute wealth. “Is the point of tax policy to implement social justice? Is the point of tax policy to try and punish the wealthy and benefit the poor? Or is the purpose of tax policy to raise government revenue so we can raise government expenditure?… If we can generate more revenue that’s great, if we’re trying to punish people because they’re successful, I absolutely disagree with that… I think it’s damaging,” said Andy.

In closing, Andy was asked about the Democratic polling and their new focus on China and trade. Andy argued that it was helpful and that he was glad to see this issue becoming more bipartisan. “If China realizes that no matter who’s President of the United States, we’re one country… it’ll be very good for the negotiations.”

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