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Appearances – Cheddar: The Coronavirus Stimulus Package and What it Means For Businesses

On Tuesday, Andy joined Cheddar to discuss the Coronavirus stimulus package. When asked if the relief package does enough, Andy said, “I don’t know that you’d ever have a package from the government that could do enough, but it does a lot… I think the government is doing what it can. The CARES Act does a good job of trying to protect workers. Hopefully it’s enough and hopefully this crisis will end soon and we can get back to business as usual.”

Next, Andy weighed in on how the pandemic will affect the restaurant industry. Andy noted that while some restaurants may not make it though the crisis, the industry is far more equipped to respond to this today than they would have been about five years ago. “Now you’ve got third-party delivery all across the industry… That’s a big deal in this crisis,” Andy said.

In closing, Andy commended President Trump’s response to the pandemic, saying, “His job approval rating sits today… at 47.3%- that’s the highest it’s ever been. He’s standing out there as a leader. I think people are responding to that.” Andy then went on to note that while we all wish we could have gotten ahead of the virus sooner, we are coming together as a nation and responding on a government, community, and individual basis to work towards ending the Coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible.

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