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Appearances: CBS Philadelphia, Fox Business and The Federalist Radio Hour – Andy talks about his new

CBS Philadelphia – The Chris Stigall Show

Chris spoke with Andy about his time with President Trump and his new book ‘The Capitalist Comeback.’ “CEOs understand the capitalist system from the inside. If they’re not out there defending it, that damages American businesses and workers,” said Andy. “I strongly encourage CEOs to speak up.” Andy went on to say the left can’t bear to see Trump succeed – the progressives and socialists criticize President Trump for everything they can think of, even his successes.

Andy was also asked for his thoughts on May Day 2018 (held on May 1 each year), a protest mash-up of political causes, notably worker and immigrant rights. “I have supported increasing the minimum wage as long as you don’t increase it to the point where it kills entry level jobs,” argued Andy. “You can’t pay somebody more than a job produces in economic benefit for the business.”

Andy has always said that an arbitrary increase in minimum wage will not help the employee or the employer, but rather the progressive politicians who misleadingly sound caring, compassionate and concerned. Raising the minimum wage will also inflict a drag on the overall economy, causing small businesses to close their doors, entry levels jobs to disappear, and deter would-be entrepreneurs looking to start a new business venture.

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Fox Business – The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan

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“Unfair trade just doesn’t work. We’re the world’s largest economy, we drive the world’s economic engine and we’ve been taking the hit. We now have a president who says we’re not going to take the hit anymore and we’re going to negotiate better deals,” said Andy. “When you send jobs overseas you lessen the demand for domestic employees. When you lessen the demand for workers in the United States, they end up competing with each other for jobs. When employees compete with each other for jobs, wages stagnate or go down. When employers compete for employees, as we’re beginning to see in the United States, wages go up.”

Trish also told Andy his new book is “fantastic” and will use it to kick off her program’s 2018 summer reading series, saying, “everybody should be reading it.”

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The Federalist Radio Hour

On Monday Andy joined an episode of Federalist Radio to discuss American capitalism, digital marketing, the fast food industry, and entrepreneurship.

His new book, “The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left’s Plot to Stop It,” explains how pro-business policies lead to economic growth for everyone.

“Capitalism is making us the most successful nation in the history of the world,” Andy said. “Socialism is the reason why when you look at a picture of the Korean peninsula at night, it’s North Korea that is black and South Korea that is lit up like a Christmas tree.”

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