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Appearances: Bulls & Bears – America Should Defend the Word ‘Capitalism’

Tonight, Andy joined the panel of Bulls & Bears to chat about a recent Fox opinion poll which found an uptick in favorable views around socialism. Andy argued that while this data bothers him, he isn’t surprised by the numbers, especially since socialism favorability is typically much higher among millennials who don’t really understand either economic theory (socialism or capitalism). “Hopefully it’ll change over time. Wasn’t it Churchill that said, ‘If you’re not a liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re old, you have no brain?'” said Andy.

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Andy was then asked if our country should be utilizing terms like ‘free enterprise’ or ‘free market economy’ rather than ‘capitalism,’ which over time has been vilified in our society. Andy strongly disagreed with abstaining from using the word capitalism, saying, “I think we should defend ‘capitalism’…My book was called the ‘Capitalist Comeback’ and there was a lot of debate at the time about whether we should use some other name or take capitalism out of the title and I fought taking it out… We need to explain, particularly to young Americans, the benefits of it [capitalism].”

In closing, the conversation turned to discuss Elizabeth Warren backing away from her strong ‘Medicare for all’ stance. When asked if it was too late for Warren to shift her support, Andy argued that she will say or do whatever she needs to if it means more votes. “I think her policies in general are an anathema to the American people,” Andy concluded.

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