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Appearances – Andy Puzder talks jobs, business optimism, and defending the nation’s steel and

Fox News – Fox & Friends

Andy joined Fox & Friends yesterday to discuss President Trump’s pro-growth economic policies and the results of tax cuts.

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Small business owners are showing unprecedented confidence in the economy, according to the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends Survey released on Tuesday “Throughout the entire Obama administration, the number one and number two concerns of small businesses were taxes and regulations – now it’s finding qualified employees. If that doesn’t tell the whole story right there of what’s happened with President Trump, these tax cuts and the economic boom, I don’t know what does,” argues Andy.

The historically high numbers include small business optimism rising to 107.6, second only to the 108.0 reading in 1983.

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MSNBC – Live with Stephanie Ruhle

“I think you have to look at the president’s position on trade in a broader context, he wants to help American workers. We’re the world’s biggest customer, so we’re in a good negotiating position,” said Andy when asked about trade policy in today’s interview with Stephanie Ruhle.

Andy was then asked about rumors of being on the list to replace Gary Cohn as National Economic Council director. “If the president asks you to serve, you serve. I owe this country a lot and if he needed me I would tell him, ‘I’m there,’” Andy said.

Also discussed was the February wage growth numbers. A jump in average hourly earnings was not part of the government’s latest jobs report – the 2.6 percent annualized increase came as a disappointment to some looking to see continued gains. However, companies are looking to hire which should be viewed as a positive sign.

The labor force surged by 806,000 and those counted outside the labor force declined by 653,000, indicating wages are coming up enough to encourage sidelined workers. “Also, today’s report from the National Federation of Independent Business revealed that for the first time since 2006 taxes are not the number one concern of small businesses – the number one concern is finding qualified employees, that means wages will go up,” continued Andy.

Fox Business – Varney & Co.

In his last appearance of the day, Andy discussed with Stuart the results of Trump’s tax cuts. “Once people have come back into the labor force, once those sitting on the sidelines rejoin, you’re going to see wages go up because they’re putting pressure on employers to increase wages to attract the best employees,” said Andy. “The economy is booming, and I think everybody should be very excited about it.”

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Andy was also asked for his opinion on President Trump keeping his promise to fervently defend the nation’s steel and aluminum industries. “The president has set up a very good negotiating position for our country, and I think we’ll get some good deals.”

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