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Appearances: America’s Newsroom – In a Capitalist Country, Corporate America has the Rig

Yesterday, Andy joined Sandra Smith on ‘America’s Newsroom’ to talk about how Corporate America is responding to gun control. Andy suggested that Walmart’s recent decision to phase out gun and ammunition sales is at the company’s discretion. He also went on to add, “I think there is a feeling of ‘we should do something’ and a feeling of ‘we want to meet our customers needs.'” Whether or not corporate activism pays off for CEOs and other business leaders on trending social topics remains to be seen.

When asked if he thought more companies would implement new policies on guns, Andy said, “These are free market companies, they’ve every right to make these decisions and some justification.”

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In closing, Andy was asked about the latest jobs numbers and the China talks. He acknowledged that the economy’s fundamentals remain strong and if we can cut a deal with China soon, it will likely soar.

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