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Appearances: America’s Newsroom – Capitalism is the Only Economic System That Has Ever Lifted

On February 14, 2019, Andy kicked off his sit down with Sandra Smith and Bill Hemmer by discussing the recent Fox Business Poll that asked if Americans were more favorable of capitalism or socialism. The survey revealed that 57 percent approve of capitalism while only 25 percent are in favor of socialism. Andy noted that while he never thought socialism would resurface after the Soviet Union collapse in 1991, it has become a widespread idea.

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Andy was then asked about the socialist Green New Deal proposal and what Americans need to know about it. First, he wants people to understand that it “put the lie to the notion that the kind of socialism that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are talking about is some new kind of socialism. These are old socialist five-year programs just like they had in the Soviet Union,” argues Andy. Secondly, he points out that the Green New Deal will use global warming and climate change as vessels to transform America from the free-market democracy enjoyed today to a socialist totalitarian state. “Climate change is a tool for them… this poll shows people are starting to wake up and say… ‘this is not what we signed up for,'” said Andy.

Next, Sandra and Bill shared a few quotes from Andy’s op-ed titled, “Socialism vs. Capitalism– I want my grandchildren to know this story could only happen here,” to which Andy added, “My grandfather came to this country in 1912 from the Austro-Hungarian empire, from Slovakia. He left because there was no opportunity…Had he not done that and had our founders, the founders of this country, not set up a free-market capitalist economy, there’s no way somebody like me could have ever aspired to succeed as I did in my life…We are the only country where you can really lift yourself up by your bootstraps and really make a difference in the world.”

To conclude the interview, Andy pointed out that the far-fetched Green New Deal promises that socialists are trying to sell Americans are neither true nor achievable. “The only economic system that has ever substantially lifted people out of poverty is capitalism and it’s been doing so for 220 years.”

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