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Appearances: America’s Newsroom – Bernie Sanders Touts ‘Medicare-for-all’, b

Earlier today, Andy joined Sandra Smith to discuss Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare-for-all’ plan. Andy pointed out that during the June 27 Democratic Presidential Debate no one asked the biggest question of all- what will this actually cost the American people? “These programs that he rants and rants about, he [Sanders] never talks about how you’re going to pay for them because we can’t pay for them- we’ll be Venezuela within five years,” argued Andy.

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When asked about his recent Fox News op-ed, “Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Have a Clue About Economics 101 (And That’s Scary)” and why he is taking on Bernie Sanders, he noted that Sanders continuously mixes up revenue and profit and completely ignores cost.

In closing, Sandra asked about whether or not we’ll reach a deal with China, to which Andy said, “If the Chinese won’t at least be reasonable, we have a president that will stand up to them and I think that’s important.”

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