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Appearances: America’s Newsroom – Are Amazon and Instacart Employees Getting Enough Prot

Earlier this week, Andy joined Sandra Smith on America’s Newsroom to discuss whether delivery companies such as Amazon and Instacart are doing enough to ensure health and safety from the Coronavirus among their employees. “I think the companies are doing what they can,” said Andy. “They know that the two most important things in a business are number one, your employees, and number two, your customers… If they’re not protecting their employees, if they’re allowing this virus to spread in their facilities, they’re going to lose business… I’m sure they’ll do everything they possibly can.” He went on to note that companies should also take any protests very seriously because they could hurt the online shopping sector and the country as a whole.

Next, the two discussed the news of an Amazon worker at a Staten Island warehouse being fired on Monday night. Amazon argued that while the employee was orchestrating a walkout, he was supposed to be under quarantine with pay due to close contact with a confirmed Coronavirus case but instead he showed up to the facility and put both employees and customers at risk. When asked about bigger issue and how to keep employees safe but still working, Andy argued, “[Just] because you’re an activist, that doesn’t insulate you from abiding by the company’s safety procedures and if in fact he violated those procedures then they [Amazon] were fully within their rights to fire him…”

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In closing, Andy was asked what comes next for the economy once we get through the pandemic. “We can come back very quickly if Trump does what he did during his first three years of administration and steps back, encouraging businesses to hire while lowering taxes and reducing regulations…” Andy concluded.

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