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Appearances: America Reports – The Biden Blame Game

Yesterday Andy joined John Roberts on “America Reports” to discuss how gas prices have hit an all-time high across the nation. Andy pointed out that a solution is “actually fairly easy… all you have to do to bring prices down is to advocate for increased production of American domestic energy, which is what we did under President Trump.” He continued to say that while it’s not a difficult problem to solve objectively, “the problem is that it’s politically difficult for Biden to solve.”

Also discussed was Andy’s op-ed, “Biden blame game continues as inflation soars,” and the fact that when Biden released oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, “he did with our reserves exactly what oil companies do with their oil—he sold it in the open market in a ‘price competitive sale.”

The segment ended with the two discussing how the Biden administration is constantly blaming everyone else for the results of their policies, including: extremely high gas prices, extremely high food prices, and now moms can’t even find formula to feed their babies. “This is a terrible administration when it comes to any kind of rational economic policy,” Andy concluded.

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