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Appearances: America Reports– Lawmakers Weigh More Covid Relief as Omicron Surges

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Yesterday Andy joined Sandra Smith on “America Reports” to discuss Congress considering another round of Covid relief. Andy pointed out that last year’s Covid Relief Bill lit a fire on demand and drove inflation, and therefore this would truly be a terrible idea.

The two also discussed Andy’s recent Daily Mail article, “President Biden may have finally realized that shutting down America over COVID is the wrong move, as commonsense 'red state' governors have known all along,” and how government needs step back, leave small businesses alone and instead focus attention on spending money encouraging people to work instead of discouraging it.

Lastly rising beef prices were discussed and how the problem here isn’t a lack of competition, but rather the fact that labor costs are up, feed costs are up, and demand is up while supply is low – a direct result of the left’s pandemic policies that are discouraging people from getting back to work, which is ultimately the root of so many of these issues.

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