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Appearances: America Reports & Evening Edit – Inflation Reduction Act Will Actually Ignite Inflation

On Monday, Andy joined Aishah Hasnie on “America Reports” and Tuesday he joined Liz MacDonald on The Evening Edit to cover the Inflation Reduction Act. On both shows, Andy discussed how the bill’s name is misleading as it will actually ignite inflation and worsen the labor crisis. On America Reports, Andy said, “Their [the democrats] solution to reduce inflation is to spend another half trillion dollars… this is not an inflation reduction act, it is just a way to change the language – juts like recession no longer means recession and inflation no longer means inflation. [The Dems] don’t solve the problem; [they] just change the words.”

Last night on The Evening Edit, Andy also pointed out how the Biden Administration’s goal is not economic growth and in fact, Biden advisor Brian Deese put it very plainly a couple of weeks ago when asked on CNN how American families can deal with the price of gas, he replied: “This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm.” It is very clear - the administration is not in this to reduce inflation or spur economic growth, they are trying to preserve the liberal world order.

Watch both appearances here:

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