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Andrew Puzder understands how to build an American workforce

If confirmed, one of the many benefits of Andrew Puzder taking the reins at the U.S. Department of Labor next year is that American workers and businesses will finally see a light at the end of a more than eight-year tunnel of excess regulation.

As chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants, Puzder knows firsthand the struggles faced by businesses each and every day as a result of too many rules and regulations. But, more importantly than that, he knows what must change.

For the better part of a decade, American businesses have been burdened by excessive regulation  and have been strained by expenses including fighting frivolous litigation or paying for mandated healthcare.

With Puzder at the helm of the Labor Department, the situation will improve. He will restore the agency’s role to help workers by removing unnecessary regulatory obstacles that only add costs and challenges to businesses, reduce employment and suppress wages.

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