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America is at an Inflection Point

These are the last 3 paragraphs of Peggy Noonan’s interview with Mitt that was in the WSJ Saturday. I heard him take this approach 3 times at events in Massachusetts last week. If he can stay on this message, I think he wins. He really nailed it:

I think there have been inflection points in American history where the course of the nation has changed, where culture, industry, even military strategy have changed.” The Civil War was one such time, the turn of the last century another. [ Governor Romney believes we are in one now ] “I think America is going to decide whether we will put ourself on a path toward Europe—whether we will become another nation dominated by government, where citizens are dependent on government for the things they want in life, where opportunity is sacrificed, where military strength is depleted to pay for government promises, where unemployment is chronically high and wage growth chronically low. That, in my view, is the course the president has put us upon.” If Barack Obama is re-elected, “it will be very difficult to get off that path. If I’m elected, I will usher in a period of economic vitality” that will leave the world “surprised.” Not only the world: “America is going to see a vitality we had not expected.”

Source: WSJ

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