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Trump’s economic growth plan vs. Clinton’s plan for bigger government.

To view the CNBC interview on this topic, please click here:

This afternoon, I joined CNBC anchors Sara Eisen and Bill Griffeth during Closing Bell to discuss Trump and Clinton’s economic plans. Pro-Clinton renewable energy businessman David Crane and I were asked about the merits of each plan. I made it clear that Trump’s plan is better because it cuts taxes, eliminates regulations and unleashes the energy sector. I also added that Trump’s plan, along with 3.5 to 4 percent economic growth, will pay for infrastructure spending and military buildup. Weak growth won’t help us any. The problem is 1 percent doesn’t pay for anything, it doesn’t create jobs, it doesn’t lift Americans out of poverty; it leaves us right where we are which is in a terrible economic circumstance. The segment is entitled: Businessmen disagree on Trump, Clinton economic plans.

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