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There are no unions for the unemployed. They need jobs.

To read a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed I wrote regarding the importance of creating jobs to help employees get ahead, please click on this link: As usual, you can read on for additional context.

Recently, President Obama held a Summit on Worker Voice, an event geared to increase union influence under the guise of helping workers by increasing their wages, so I wrote an op-ed that ran in today’s Wall Street Journal under the headline: No Wonder Growth Has Been So Anemic. I did this because it’s important for people to know that workers’ wages and incomes are flatlining not because of decreased union membership but rather because there aren’t enough jobs.

By using labor-force participation rates and other economic data, I show how the Administration’s policies have driven millions of Americans out of the labor force and forced another six million to work part-time jobs because they can’t find full-time employment. The numbers don’t lie and, regardless of how liberal pundits try to spin it, the truth is we don’t have jobs for the people who need them.

As I explain further, it is the private sector which creates jobs, not the unions. I use CKE as an example which, along with its franchisees, “provides employment for more than 70,000 Americans and support jobs for tens of thousands of others outside the restaurants.” This job creation model is the same for companies like Ford and Apple, so politicians should simplify the tax code, enact regulatory reform and replace Obamacare with a workable solution to help businesses add jobs. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have already introduced specific plans to help the economy create more opportunity for workers. Because workers deserve better, the president should do the same.

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