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The issue that matters for Americans: Which Republican has the best chance to beat Hillary/Sanders o

To watch an interview I did with Fox Business host Connell McShane ahead of the latest GOP debates, please click on this link:

Earlier today, Fox Business host Connell McShane interviewed me during Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast about which presidential hopeful I’m the most likely to support. In a segment entitled, CKE Restaurants CEO: Anyone who can defeat Hillary Clinton is fine with me, I told him there’s a very good cast of candidates and that I like a number of them. I told McShane that it’s very important that we elect someone this time around with conservative economic values and an ability to get a handle on the international situation. Ultimately, whoever can win in November, is the person who will get my support. There is no more room for error. We have to get it right this time.

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