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The #American Dream holds the world’s imagination and, while its under attack, it’s still aliv

To view a recent Fox Business show special on the subject and get my take, please click on the link:

FreedomFest recently met in Las Vegas and I had the opportunity to go on the John Stossel show to discuss whether the American Dream is still achievable. The audience was large and extremely engaged which made the show very entertaining. The Fox Business show included other guests like Steve Wynn from Wynn resorts and I think you’ll enjoy watching it. My segment starts at the 9 minute mark and wraps up just before the 15 minute mark.

John Stossel kicks off the segment titled, The American Dream, by talking about our edgy marketing and showing the Most American Thickburger ad. That’s what I call a sizzling intro! After he introduces me as the CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, he talks about the success I’ve had in leading this company to where it is today. During the segment, I explained to John that I was able to turn the company’s fortunes around by relying on a management style summarized in two words: no excuses; and improving the quality of our food, restaurants and marketing. It’s amazing what will happen when you take time to find out what people want and you invest the time, energy and resources to consistently deliver an outstanding product.

No discussion about the American Dream, though, would have been complete without talking about upward mobility, the role of minimum wage jobs in helping people climb the ladder of success, and the obstacles people face in government. As I told John, we need to create jobs for anyone who wants to work and the only way to increase opportunity and reduce poverty is thru economic growth, not government growth. This is the best way for us to ensure that the American Dream won’t fade away!

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