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Op-Ed: Post-COVID, no action from Biden, Dems was required for job market to soar

This article originally appeared on Fox Business on May 11, 2021.

There’s a simple rule in economics – you do more business when you’re open than when you’re closed. Applying that rule to today’s economy, you will do more business in a year when you are coming out of a pandemic and opening up the economy than you did in a year when you were going into a pandemic and shutting down the economy.

So, all that President Biden and his Democratic allies had to do, for the jobs market to take off at or near historic levels was… do nothing, stupid. But, unfortunately, the temptation was too great.

As just about anyone in America who has been to a local business knows, people are staying home because they can make more money sitting on the couch than working thanks to the Democrats’ extremely generous unemployment benefits – which include a $300 a week federal jobless bonus on top of traditional state unemployment benefits.

Originally passed during the pandemic on a bipartisan basis as a temporary measure when jobs were in short supply, those benefits expired on December 31st.

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