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Job Creation

Understanding how job creation really works translates to creating real economic opportunities for American workers and businesses.  Andy Puzder knows this and has a track record to support it.

  1. 98 percent of Andy’s employees at CKE make more than the federal minimum wage. The average hourly wage for CKE employees is $9.50, well above the Bureau of Labor Statistics median hourly wage for employees in the Fast Food and Counter Workers category ($9.11).

  2. The majority of CKE’s employees, including General Managers and District Managers, are female (63%) and minorities (68%). Many franchise owners started working for Andy as hourly crew workers, and worked their way up through the ranks—achieving their own American Dreams.

  3. Under Puzder’s leadership, CKE has demonstrated its commitment to employees by developing robust training and compliance programs and focusing on providing a positive work environment for employees, including offering generous benefits and instituting strong company policies.

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