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Healthy economic recovery hinges on electing the right person in Nov., not on doubling-down on the c

To watch an interview I did with Fox Business host Stuart Varney on this topic, please click on this link:

Earlier today, I joined Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. to discuss the potential impact on the economy and the markets of a hypothetical match-up between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should both win their respective nominations.

In a segment entitled, Economic impact of a Hillary Clinton election win, I told Stuart that it’s hard to predict what will happen if Trump wins because we don’t know have specifics on his economic policies. And, while Trump may sound good on the campaign trail, his previous political affiliation as well as his 14% wealth tax proposal leave some room for concern. With regards to Hillary, there’s no compelling evidence to show that she’ll turn her back on the disastrous policies of this Administration. For example, her position on increasing the minimum wage to $12 an hour shows that she does not get how minimum wage increases hurt businesses and lead to job losses. Hillary’s economic policies are completely misguided; they’re exactly the wrong way to go. We need a real economic recovery, not more of the same progressive policies with a seven-year track record of failure.

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