California’s status quo isn’t good enough. We need change. We need Neel Kashkari.

In a recent Orange County Register op-ed titled, Are things good enough in California?, I discuss the challenges facing California under one-party rule. Under Governor Brown, Californians experience increasing poverty, declining opportunity and significant income inequality. California’s wealth gap is unlikely to close anytime soon if the status quo remains.

Neel Kashkari, who is running for California Governor against Brown, understands our Golden State problems. Kashkari’s plan includes practical solutions to improve individual, business and economic prosperity. To read my full op-ed, click here.

And, to see and hear Neel outline his ideas and positions during the September 4 Gubernatorial debate, click here. Based on Neel’s outstanding performance during the debate, it’s not surprising that Brown’s team won’t allow the two candidates side-by-side on stage again.

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