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As the presidential race shapes up, there are pressing questions to consider & I recently got t

To watch the video question I asked about the economy and creating jobs for young Americans, please click on

At a recent Freedom Works event in Iowa, during which five GOP presidential candidates gathered to discuss a pro-growth and limited government agenda, I had the opportunity to ask a question that focused on the economy and creating jobs for our youth: How would your administration address the problem of creating entry-level jobs so that these young people can get on that ladder of opportunity, heading towards careers, when business are being discouraged from hiring by things like Obamacare, increases in the minimum wage, and other regulatory burdens that increase the cost of employment? How would your administration encourage businesses to hire those young people?

Dr. Ben Carson answered the question and did a great job talking about the value of entry-level jobs in his own career. I believe all candidates should have ready answers and a solid plan to create a healthy economy that will allow our youth and anyone who wants to work to do so. People who want to work, should not have to go without a job.  In 2016, we need to elect someone who understands that America’s business leaders and entrepreneurs can create both entry level jobs and careers if government will work with them rather than against them.

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