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Appearances: Varney & Co. – White House and Senate Settle on a $2 Trillion Stimulus Packa

This morning, Andy joined Stuart Varney to discuss the $2 trillion stimulus package struck between the White House and the Senate that will provide relief to American workers and families as well as small businesses and major industries.

When Stuart asked Andy if this package is enough to avoid a depression, Andy said, “I think it’s big enough to avoid a depression over the next few months… If it goes on longer than that, the government’s going to have to do more or we’re going to have to find another solution.” He went on to note that this will certainly help with the short-term issues for now. “Some positive news on the virus itself, not just the financial engineering but the virus itself, I think will stabilize things,” Andy added.

In closing, Andy and Stuart discussed the Great American Takeout – a coalition that asked Americans to purchase a meal on March 24 for takeout or delivery to support the struggling restaurant industry. “There are ways to patronize these businesses. Americans need to step up, we can’t look for the government to do everything. We need to support these businesses- they employ people in our communities, and I think it’s a great idea,” Andy concluded.

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