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Appearances: Varney & Co. – Green New Deal is Unrealistic and Too Expensive; Alexandria Oscasio

Today on Varney & Co., Andy sat down with Stuart to chat about the Green New Deal and why it is facing so much scrutiny. Andy pointed out that if far-left politicians were proposing realistic resolutions that could actually help minimize carbon emission, the Green New Deal might be more convincing. Andy then proposed the alternative solution of utilizing natural gas and nuclear energy, noting that these achievable provisions could really make a difference and be shared around the world to reduce carbon emissions on an even greater scale. He also goes on to explain that California Senator Kamala Harris likely knows that the Green New Deal would be far too expensive to implement, which is why she continues to put off discussing the cost.

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When asked about the proposal of a carbon tax as another Green New Deal alternative, Andy argued that it would also be a bad idea. “The government never really understands when it tries to impact the economy, where the impacts are going to go. That’s what happened with the S&L crisis back in the eighties, it happened again with the financial real estate bubble collapse back in 2008,” said Andy. “All we need to do is focus on fuels that don’t produce a lot of carbon emissions like natural gas…and nuclear energy. These are widely available… we wouldn’t have to switch from a capitalist economy to a socialist economy, which is what the Green New Deal really contemplates, but we could solve the problem if that’s actually what they wanted to do.”

In closing, Stuart asked about Andy’s thoughts on Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s announcement that no one on her staff would take home less than $52,000 annually. “She’s not facing the kind of problems a business would face. A business couldn’t start out employees at $52,000 a year and let their good employees go by capping their salaries at $80,000 a year– they’d be out of business very quickly. Now she can do this, she’s using taxpayer dollars– they’re not dollars she generated. She can allocate them however she likes,” noted Andy. “I think the median salary for upper-level congressional employees is about $155,000, which means in other offices you could make $155,000 [to] $200,000 a year. So what she’s really doing is exacerbating the problems she is trying to prevent– she’s sending more people into the private sector.”

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