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Appearances: The Story with Martha MacCallum – Elizabeth Warren’s Economic Proposals ar

Last night, Andy joined Martha MacCallum to discuss Senator Elizabeth Warren’s economic proposals. When asked about his thoughts on Senator Warren’s plan, Andy argued that her policies are merely surreptitious socialism. “She’s going to reduce the incentives for work, for investment and for growth and then she’s going to discourage innovation and risk-taking. If you liked the slow growth, no growth economy of Obama and you don’t like the economic surge we’re experiencing under Trump- you should support Elizabeth Warren,” added Andy.

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In closing, Martha asked Andy about his thoughts on the progress between President Trump and the Mexicans to address the southern border crisis to which he said, “He cut a very good deal, he used the only tool he had to get a good deal… the Mexicans want to go forward with this, the Americans want to go forward with this- this will be fine.”

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