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Appearances: The Evening Edit with Liz MacDonald – The Democratic Establishment Doesn’t

On Tuesday, Andy joined Liz MacDonald to discuss 2020 Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda. “When he says ‘Democratic-Socialist’, he never really says what he means…. The Democratic establishment doesn’t even think this guy would be a good president so he’s got huge problems. I’ve very hopeful that he will be the nominee,” said Andy.

Next, Liz brought up a recent op-ed in the Washington Post titled, ‘Bernie Sander’s Scandinavian Fantasy,’ and how critics are slamming Sanders for comparing his own socialist programs to that of Scandinavian countries. “These are capitalist free-market economies. You know they’re capitalist economies because they have very generous social welfare benefits and a socialist country could never pay those,” argued Andy.

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In closing, Andy said that Bernie Sanders is simply locked into the 1960’s belief that the oppressed masses need socialism to protect them from capitalist ‘greed.’ “Capitalism in this country has lifted poor people up. It’s doing a tremendous job under President Trump with people finding jobs, seeing their wages go up- things that you never see in a socialist country and that Bernie Sanders would never be able to bring about with his version of what our government should be,” Andy concluded.

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