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Appearances: Spicer & Co. - State of American Workers Under Biden

Yesterday (Labor Day), Andy joined Spicer & Co. to discuss the August jobs report. Andy emphasized that the poor jobs report is due to the excessive amount of government unemployment benefits and the fact that people are making more money staying at home than they would earn at a job.

Andy pointed, “When you pay people more not to work than to work, guess what they are going to do? They are not going to work.” To improve things, Andy argued that we need to focus on items like what President Trump implemented during his Presidency: cut taxes, reduce regulation, and focus on domestic energy.

In closing, Sean asked Andy, “Let’s just say President Biden calls you up and asks… what is one thing that we should stop doing or could be doing to help [the economy]?” To which Andy re-emphasized: “Stop scaring businesses by saying you are going to increase taxes and regulations… do something to re-encourage domestic energy production so that energy prices come down, which will help control inflation…and stop government spending and allowing the fed to print money like its newspaper. With 10 million job openings and 8 million people unemployed, and the fact we can’t find workers… the math simply doesn’t work… these current policies are ignorant and detrimental.”

Andy’s interview can be viewed at the 18-minute mark – click here.

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