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Appearances: NewsNation - Vaccine Mandates

Last night Andy joined Leland Vittert’s new show, “On Balance” to discuss Covid-19 vaccines and the difference between mandates from the government vs. requirements from companies.

Andy discussed that while he doesn’t think the government should force people to get vaccines, particularly since they haven’t received final FDA approval yet, he does believe that businesses have the right to tell people they can’t return to work, or customers cannot be on premise until they are vaccinated.

Andy stated, “People have the right to decide not to be vaccinated, but they also have to accept the consequences of that decision…businesses imposing consequences is not outside of our traditions… I have no problem with that.” Also discussed was the potential of large government shutdowns and Andy does not believe that will happen again due to the availability of the vaccine, the amount of people already vaccinated, and the fact that people will likely not put up with large shutdowns again especially since economy is starting to take off.

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