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Appearances: Fox & Friends – Biden Administration Lied About Inflation

Yesterday morning Andy joined Steve Doocy on “Fox & Friends” to discuss how the Biden administration incredibly failed to address inflation over the past year and continues to make ridiculous excuses instead of owning up to the problem. Andy pointed out, “I don’t know how anyone can pay any attention to anything they say anymore, how many times can [the administration] lie to us and do it with a straight face?...It’s not like they weren’t warned, they just now need to fix the problem and stop making excuses.” Also discussed was Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s recent comments blaming elected officials in “woke cities” for creating environments in which it’s too hostile to operate. Andy commented, “This has become an epidemic of crime and homelessness, particularly in California, and if the state and city governments don’t start addressing this problem, it’s going to be very negative for America’s small business owners.”

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