Appearances: Fox Business Tonight & The First with Dana Loesch on Biden's ‘absurd’ policies

Yesterday Andy joined both David Asman on “Fox Business Tonight” as well as Dana Loesch on “The First” to discuss a series of Biden’s detrimental policies, including: vaccine mandates, America’s worker shortage, government largesse, supply chain, inflation issues, and more.

All these topics and how they are negatively affecting Americans across the board were covered in depth to which Andy ultimately pointed out, “People need to stop and pay attention to what this President is doing… we need keep putting before the American people what ridiculous, absurd, illogical, economic, foreign and domestic policies are being [implemented] by this administration in their effort to fundamentally transform America.”

For Fox Business Tonight, click here if the above video does not load.

For The First with Dana Loesch, click here if the above video does not load.

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