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Appearances: Fox Business, Bloomberg Radio and Fox News – April’s Employment Rebound

Fox Business – Varney & Co.

Yesterday on Varney & Co., Andy shared his thoughts with Stuart on the state of the U.S. job market and the Trump administration’s trade talks with China.

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Employers added 164,000 jobs in April and unemployment fell below 4 percent for the first time since late 2000.

According to Andy, an even better indicator of labor market health than the official unemployment rate is the U-6 unemployment rate. It is a broader measure that considers people in the labor force and unemployed for 12 months after they stop looking for a job (rather than 30 days as in the official unemployment rate), and considers people working part-time because they can’t find full time jobs as unemployed. The U-6 rate came in at 7.8 percent, and was last this low nearly 17 years ago.

“Now we’re talking about the biggest problem that businesses are facing… is finding employees to fill good paying jobs. That’s the capitalist comeback,” Andy continued.

Regarding the ongoing U.S., China trade talks, Andy contends that “when both people walk out of the room thinking they didn’t win, they probably both won. That’s the way it works in business.”

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Bloomberg Radio – Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar

On yesterday’s radio show with Carol Massar, Andy discussed why the Trump administration is in a strong position to rewrite the future of the U.S.-China trade relationship. “I think we needed to get China to the table… this president is going to do what’s necessary to get the Chinese to negotiate,” said Andy. “What we’re seeing now is that they are at the table and they are negotiating.”

As trade talks are ongoing in Beijing between the world’s two largest economies, Andy said we need to protect what we produce here domestically because the current situation regarding trade right now is more favorable to China.

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Fox Business – The Ingraham Angle

April’s solid job growth and historically low 3.9 percent unemployment rate was the topic of yesterday’s sit-down interview between Laura and Andy. The last time unemployment was this low was in the year 2000, when companies ramped up hiring during the tech boom. Prior to that, unemployment around 3 percent was last seen in the 1960s.

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Andy argues there’s never been a more concerted effort by the left to discredit President Trump’s economic accomplishments. “One of the reasons I wrote the book was so that people would have the ammunition not only to defend President Trump’s economic accomplishments, but to explain how his capitalist policies have brought back this great economic resurgence,” said Andy. “Progressives can’t let it appear that Donald Trump is being successful because it puts the lie to the notion that Obama’s policies were in the country’s best interest. They were not.”

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