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Appearances: CNBC Squawk Box– Impact of New Tax Law and the Future of Tax Policy

Earlier today, Andy joined Squawk Box along with former U.S. Congressman Joe Crowley to discuss the impact of the new tax law and the future of tax policy. When asked about the tax law, Andy said, “You sure can’t argue about the jobs numbers. We’ve got more job openings than we’ve ever had- 7.3 million, and only 1 million people unemployed. We’ve seen the lowest unemployment rate at or below 4 percent for 12 consecutive months. We’ve seen wages go up 3 percent or better for seven quarters in a row…We’re seeing great results in the economy….” He goes on to note that lower wage workers are truly seeing benefits and that it is actually harder to find a blue-collar worker than it is to find a white-collar worker for the first time in decades. “I’d say we’ve seen real success. It’s been very, very positive for the American people,” added Andy.

Next, Andy countered Congressman Crowley’s negative statements about President Trump’s leadership style and the tax bill saying, “This is the Democrat’s position…People are making a lot more money. The tax bill was hugely beneficial to people.” He then noted that having Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in office is also a perk for Republicans because of her bizarre policies, “She’s been called the secret weapon [for Republicans] for 2020 and I think she may well be the secret weapon,” he noted.

When asked about the SALT deductions, Andy pointed out that the people complaining about the new law are the people calling out loopholes for the rich. “This was a loophole for the rich…rich people took advantage, but you had to itemize your deductions to take advantage of the SALT deduction” argued Andy. He went on to point out that people also have a choice about where they live, and they don’t have to stay in a high-tax state. “Governor Cuomo said ‘We lost 2.3 billion in revenue over two months, the problem is people are moving to Florida…” Andy concludes that if state taxes are too high, people will absolutely leave, and that’s exactly what is happening.

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