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Appearances: CNBC’s Squawk on the Street – McDonald’s Quarterly Earnings Report

Today, Andy was interviewed alongside former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi to discuss the positive news about the chain’s fourth-quarter same-store sales beating estimates. Despite the news, McDonald’s stock fell 3.7 percent today as investors worried that the revamped Dollar Menu may prompt more customers to trade down to cheaper menu items.

McDonald’s has been selling off some of its company-owned stores to franchisees over the last few years as part of its new strategy to increase the number of franchised locations. “A few years ago, McDonald’s was having big problems with franchisees but CEO Steve Easterbrook has done a marvelous job getting the company under control and getting the fundamentals right. The future looks good for McDonald’s,” said Puzder. “Their stock being down today has to do with outside factors not related to business performance, and I think you’re seeing that with a lot of companies – the stock market is being influenced by a lot of things, principally interest rates.”

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