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Appearances: CNBC’s Squawk Box – Even if Michael Bloomberg Gets the Democratic Nominatio

This morning, Andy joined CNBC’s Squawk Box alongside business writer Bill Cohan and hosts Joe Kernan, Andrew Ross Sorkin and Rebecca Quick to discuss who Wall Street will support if Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren take the Democratic nomination. When Sorkin asked Andy how many Republicans would turn their vote to Michael Bloomberg if he were to be nominated, Andy said, “I don’t think you’d have a lot of them… I think Bloomberg has bigger problems. Bloomberg’s going to lose- he’s never going to have that 25% of the Democratic vote that’s supporting Bernie Sanders. His [Sanders] supporters will believe that Bloomberg bought the election.”

Next, the panel discussed how the business community seems to have issues with Michael Bloomberg, despite his extreme success. “A lot of times we’ve got very, very accomplished people in the business community who then go out and want to pursue policies that aren’t consistent with the rest of the country growing economically and I think we see that with Michael Bloomberg,” Andy argued. He went on to note that Trump’s incredible success over the past three years as president will likely overwhelm anything Bloomberg did as mayor.

In closing, Sorkin asked Andy who he liked better based on character to which Andy said, “I like Donald Trump… A lot of what he gets criticized for is defending himself.”

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