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Appearances: Cavuto Coast to Coast – February 2018 Jobs Report; Trump’s Trade Policy; Gary Coh

Yesterday on Cavuto, Andy weighed in on the employment spike recently reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which showed that the U.S. added 313,000 jobs in February. The jobs market continues to defy expectations as labor force participation rates rose to 63 percent, and people counted outside the labor force declined by 653,000. Per the government’s survey, these are very inspiring numbers, particularly with big increases seen in construction and manufacturing.

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“We’ve got tremendous optimism – business optimism and consumer optimism, and businesses are investing, which creates jobs. This is the Trump boom,” said Andy. “Government can’t get people working with more programs, more taxes or more regulation. You have to let the private sector do it, that is what makes America exceptional.”

Also discussed was President Trump keeping his promise to defend the nation’s steel and aluminum industries. At the end of the day, fair and reciprocal trade policy is what America seeks. “I think we elected Donald Trump because he would protect the national interest and we need to back him up on that,” continued Andy.

Lastly, Andy addressed rumors on being shortlisted to replace Gary Cohn as National Economic Council director. “If the president asks you to serve, you serve. I owe this country a lot and it would be an honor to be part of this administration,” Andy said.

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